Addressing the storage needs of researchers in the northeast

e-Shelving a Digital Repository

July 17, 2021

The Digital Repository Service (DRS) of Harvard University Libraries is a large-scale, centrally-supported repository for the long-term preservation and dissemination of the University’s digital content. NESE Tape is being used to enable ongoing digital preservation efforts there.

The technology stack of the DRS is maintained by an enterprise IT group, Library Technology Services within Harvard University IT. Digital preservation is a complex combination of people, policies, procedures, and technologies that ensure the integrity, accessibility, authenticity, and usability of digital content over time and concomitant technical and cultural distance. With the DRS's previous storage system reaching the end of its life and needing to be replaced, the new NESE system was available to replace it, providing the secure, reliable, and performant preservation storage system the DRS needs to fulfill its mission.

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