Addressing the storage needs of researchers in the northeast

Connecting to NESE


NESE runs a Globus service on data transfer nodes (DTNs) that allows end-users to move data between endpoints whether those are from a national supercomputer, campus cluster, tape archive, public cloud or your laptop. End-users can manage this data from anywhere, using their existing identities, via just a web browser.‚Äč NESE Engineers work with the Customer to provide management access to the underlying filesystem on the DTN. The Customer then has access to these folder(s) via Globus, where they can create file shares and grant end-users access to shares. This provides end-users with the ability to store and share data with ease from a web-interface or APIs.

> Using Globus

> NESE Globus Configuration Docs

> Globus Website

> More Information in Globus docs