Addressing the storage needs of researchers in the northeast
The LMT at night. Image Credit: James Lowenthal

A Place for Astronomical Observations

September 17, 2018

UMass researchers use NESE Disk to host data from their TolTEC Camera; a new millimeter-wavelength astronomical imaging tool under development for use with the Large Millimeter Telescope situated in Sierra Negra, Mexico.

Next-generation cameras and telescopes that operate at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths, and the science enabled by them, have the potential to shed new light on how galaxies and the stars they hold, form, and evolve but the increased volume of data generated by them presents its own challenge.

The goal of the international, UMass-led TolTEC project is to build and commission a new millimeter-wavelength camera to takes maximal advantage of the Large Millimeter Telescope. The goal of the Northeast Storage Exchange is to provide a convenient, and accessible repository to handle the resulting uptick in such data.

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