10 additional OSDs for NET2 ordered

Getting ready for NESE testing of an NET2 storage endpoint

Ten more of our 1u 120TB OSDs have been ordered as a buy-in to our deployment and should be arriving soon.

“NET2” is the U.S. ATLAS Northeast Tier 2 Center. This is one of four such Tier 2 centers in the U.S. Together they provide the bulk of dedicated computing resources for the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

Part of the initial testing of NESE will be to serve as a storage endpoint for NET2. Since NET2 is also on the MGHPCC floor, it is easy to have multi-100Gb/s networking between the NESE storage and the NET2 compute nodes, and it’s easy to have multi-100G links to the research networks via Harvard’s NoX connectivity, all together making a really interesting place do to LHC computing.

  • Saul Youssef